How To Choose the Right Toy for Your Dog


While toys are not essential items for dogs, they are great to have for engagement purposes. Toys can be mentally stimulating and can keep your dog out of trouble. Whether you have small dogs or large dogs, there are a variety of good toys for dogs of all sizes. In this blog, we will highlight some of our favorite dog toys that you may be interested in having your dog try out. 

A Dalmatian dog holds a rope toy

Plush Toys

Plush toys are great for dogs that like to cuddle up with something. They find comfort in the softness of the toy and it can hold a scent better than most toys. For example, if you keep a plush toy in your dog’s kennel it may have the owner’s scent attached to it making the dog feel more comfortable and secure. One of our favorites is the Kong Cozie!

There are a lot of negative thoughts on plush dog toys though. If your dog tends to be more of an aggressive chewer, they may tear up the toy quicker. If this is the case, discard the toy immediately so your pet doesn’t ingest anything bad for them.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are a fun, exercising toy for dogs. You can play tug of war with a rope toy which can be highly engaging for your pup. According to the American Kennel Club, “Tug can promote impulse control, build confidence, and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. It’s an activity that taps into natural drives, making it a motivational, reinforcing, and high-value training tool. It is also a great way to burn off excess energy and keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated.” Tug sessions with a rope toy should be done in short intervals. A great rope toy with knots in it is this one made by Frisco

Squeaky Toys

Ah yes, we all know about squeaky toys. Those ear-piercing sounds coming out of toys. You may ask, why do dogs like squeaky toys? According to The Spruce Pets, there are three main reasons why dogs like squeaky toys:

  1. Hunting Instincts – Certain breeds may find the squeaking alarming and try to “hunt” out the squeaker inside the toy. While some may destroy the toy, other breeds of dogs may simply be content with squeaking and playing with the toy.
  2. Chewing – Whether you have a young puppy or an older senior dog, most dogs like to chew on things. 
  3. Sounds Made – Hearing the squeak sound may entice your dog and set an impulsive repeat in their head, which is the reason why they will continually want to make the toy squeak.

These pig squeaky dog toys by Multipet are a fun choice when picking a toy.

Puzzle Toys

Need a toy that will keep your dog’s interest for a long period of time? Try out a puzzle toy! These are a great way to keep your dog engaged and wear them down by mental stimulation. Some of our favorites include toys from Outward Hound where you can break up any of our Wholesomes Jerky treats and place them into the compartments or even pieces of our Wholesomes kibble! There are also a variety of cute puzzle plush squeaky toys that cover a lot of bases. Our favorite toy is the Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel! With so many options out there, you can never go wrong with a puzzle toy. 

Rubber Toys

Rubber toys tend to be considered more indestructible dog toys. They hold up better when used in multiple situations. For example, tennis balls are fun rubber toys that can be used for playing fetch. If used in a ball launcher, such as this one from Chuckit!, they hold up pretty well.

Another rubber toy that is very popular is Kong dog toys. They have a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the playful needs of any dog. The most notable of them all is the Kong Classic. This can be filled with peanut butter or used as a treat dispensing toy. 

Choosing the right toy for your dog can take some time. With trial and error, you’re sure to find your dog’s new favorite toy, or maybe even more than one! Whether it be a plush toy, rope toy, squeaky toy, puzzle toy, or rubber toy, your dog will love playing with it! If you find a toy that works great with any of our Wholesomes products, be sure to post a photo on social media and tag us @wholesomespetfood.