How to Store Dog Food Properly


You go to the store, pick up your pet’s favorite bag of Wholesomes, head home, and tear open the top… But now what do you do with it? As a pet parent, you know you need to store the food properly so it stays as fresh as possible for your dog. The following tips can help you figure out just what to do with that bag of food.

Storing Dry Dog Food

When you’ve opened up your bag of dry dog food, there are a few options as far as how to store it correctly. Most dog food packaging includes an airtight seal so you are able to keep the food in the bag, but be sure to reseal it well. Another option is to purchase a pet food bin. After opening the bag of food, pour the contents into the storage bin. Be sure to keep your measuring cup in the bin as well so you can measure out the correct amount of food for your dog. Here is a great example of an airtight pet food storage container

Keep in mind the size of your dog when looking for a storage container. If you have a small dog, you don’t want to put too much in the container or else it may go stale before your pup can finish it all. For large dogs, purchase a good size storage bin so you can fit at least a 30-day supply inside. 

After buying your pet’s food, it’s important to save the expiration date and lot code in case any issues come up with the specific food that you purchased. If you ever need to contact the manufacturer of any pet food with questions, they will need the expiration date to identify your bag and solve any problems. If your pet is unable to finish the bag of food in about 4-6 weeks, we suggest repackaging the food into smaller well-sealed bags or containers and freeze until it’s needed (just make sure to defrost it first!).

Storing Dog Treats

Food and treats storage has similar instructions. When you open a bag of treats, whether it be Wholesomes Rewards crunchy biscuits or Wholesomes jerky treats, proper storage in a food safe container is best. A glass or ceramic jar for dog treats is a great option for storing. Here is a great example of a fun, personalizable treat jar.

Another eco-friendly option is reusable silicone bags. A favorite is the Stasher bag. These would be great when you are traveling with your pet and need a fresh storage option. Just think, each reusable bag replaces hundreds of single-use plastic bags!

Great Pet Food Storage Solutions

Keep your dog’s meal area organized and food fresh with great storage solutions. When looking for storage, keep in mind the size of the container, how efficient the seal is, and what kind of material the storage is made of. Incorporate stackable pet food storage such as this option from IRIS. It is made from BPA free plastic and made in the USA. Another option by IRIS is this elevated feeder with a storage container attached underneath. Great for travel and for your home! Plus, the elevation aids in easier digestion and avoids choking for your dog.

These great tips will hopefully help you figure out how to store your dog’s food properly. Be sure to clean your storage containers with warm water and soap on a consistent basis. Don’t forget to check out our variety of Wholesomes pet food recipes and dog treats to put your new storage solutions to use.