Fall Activities with your Furry Friends


Temperatures dropping and leaves falling can only mean one thing. It’s time for the autumn season! Fall is a great time of the year to include your pup in any activities. With the hot summer temps, dogs typically need to stay cool and be indoors. Autumn is a dog’s time to shine in the crisp air and enjoy the great outdoors! Below are some of our top favorite fall activities you and your furry friends can participate in.

A chocolate lab sits in front of a pile of pumpkins at a pumpkin patch


With the cool weather setting in, it’s the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy nature. Visit a dog-friendly national park or even a local trail and go for a hike! Take in the beauty of the color-changing fall leaves and don’t forget the first aid kit in case anything happens on the trail. Be sure to pack a water bowl or a portable dog water bottle & bowl such as this one from HIGHWAVE to keep your dog hydrated.


Fall season also means football season. Host a football tailgate party and invite family, friends, and furry family members to your dog-friendly backyard. They’ll all have fun playing while you watch the game! Be sure to provide plenty of water, treats, and poop bags for your furry guests. Consider buying them their own fun football dog toy such as this one by KONG


Pack the s’mores (and dog treats!) and head out on a camping trip. If you are looking for camping areas that have dog friendly campgrounds, check out this website that includes the Top Pet Friendly Campgrounds Worldwide. Unsure of what to pack for your dog? Here are some items we suggest:

  1. Dog Bed – This indoor/outdoor dog bed by K&H Pet Products is so cute with the look of a tent. It’s waterproof, machine washable and can hold up to 200 pounds!
  2. Pet First Aid Kit – While no one wants any accidents, it’s always best to come prepared. Packing a dog first aid kit is a smart choice when camping out in the wilderness.
  3. ID Tags – Having an identifier around your dog’s neck is very helpful if they happen to get loose in the campground. Be sure to include your dog’s name, your phone number, and even your address on the ID tags so they can be returned safely.
  4. Tick Preventative – If you plan to camp in a wooded or grassy area, it’s important to use a tick preventative and check your dog for ticks after camping.

Before you head out for your outdoor adventures, make sure you’ve camping gear and sleeping bag ready to go!

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are a big part of the fall season. So what better way to celebrate with your pup than taking them to a pumpkin patch?! Head out and find the perfect-shaped pumpkin to carve for your front porch. Find a local farm in your area to take your dog to, but be sure to call to make sure it’s a pet friendly environment. Don’t forget the poop bags (just in case!). 

Trick Or Treating

Do you have kids who love trick or treating on Halloween and a pup? Bring your dog along with you while you walk around the neighborhood! They’ll enjoy the exercise and meeting new people. Be sure to keep them on a leash and pack some dog treats so they can have some goodies of their own. Pay close attention to where your dog is walking and watch out for any dropped chocolate or candies on the ground.

Some may miss summer, but others will love the fall season. With so many possible activities because of the cooler temps, why wouldn’t you bring your dog along? Your dog will love getting out and about. Enjoy the autumn season and spending time with your pup!